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IMALIVE Mental Health Fair is the program of the visionaries behind the nation's first suicide prevention network, 1-800-SUICIDE, and the world's first virtual crisis center. These innovators have organized these supercharged events across North America since 2010, reaching over 250 campuses. Many leading Directors of Student Life and Counseling Services endorse IMALIVE because of the consistently positive outcomes, which educate young adults on recognizing warning signs, spark conversations about mental health and suicide prevention, and raise awareness.

Tailoring the program to each unique venue results in higher student attendance, positivity, and a greater sense of belonging and connection between students, staff, the Student Life office team, the Counseling Services, and the Health and Wellness Office teams.

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How IMALIVE helps
Student Life

We help you meet your programming goals with a ready-to-go event package that requires only space and table reservations. We provide an enjoyable and unforgettable volunteer experience for Student Government Members and students at large.​


How IMALIVE helps
Counseling Services

We provide a supportive environment where students can freely seek assistance without pressure. We create unique positive experiences for your Counseling Team while interacting with students in a new, fun, and interactive way. 


How IMALIVE Helps Health & Wellness

We help introduce or promote new or existing student support initiatives, support groups, and programs. We assist in fulfilling the criteria for grants related to mental health or student support initiatives.

IMALIVE Mental Health Fair Booth at a campus activities conference


H. Reese Butler II 

After losing his wife, Kristin Brooks Rossell, to suicide on April 7th, 1998, Reese founded the Kristin Brooks Hope Center and the National Hopeline Network 1.800.SUICIDE. In the last 25 years, more than 20 million callers to 1-800-SUICIDE have been routed to help and hope.  Reese has been featured on NBC Nightly News, Fox News, and countless articles from the NY Times, Washington Post to Rolling Stone magazine. In his free time, Reese enjoys playing the drums with his band, biking, and mastering his barbecue skills.

Elena Butler

Elena co-founded the world's first virtual crisis center, which routed thousands of crisis chats from countries around the world to trained and certified competent crisis intervention specialists. She spent over 13 years answering crisis chats and calls for the teen crisis hotline, Veteran suicide hotline, as well as a crisis support line for mothers with postpartum depression.  Elena spends her free time volunteering for the Girls Scouts of America and Scouts BSA. She serves as a merit badge counselor for Emergency Preparedness, Family Life, Communication, and more. She enjoys hiking, camping, reading, and learning new languages.

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