Support a Volunteer
They Need Your Help

Every IMAlive volunteer is required to complete the IMAlive online crisis responder training and certification. However, we know that for many the $250 cost of training and certification is the greatest obstacle in becoming a volunteer. So we created a way for our volunteers’ friends, family and community to join them in this life-saving endeavor through direct support.

How you can help

Below are all volunteers who need your support to begin the training. Each volunteer’s profile describes why he or she want to become a volunteer and how close they are to reaching their goal. Use the donate button on a volunteer’s profile to directly donate to their campaign. Here you can also choose to distribute your donation to more than one volunteer.

Please consider donating $10, $25, $50 or $100 to help the IMAlive volunteers meet their goal and begin the online training and certification today. Every donation is tax deductible and helps the IMAlive network grow toward meeting the demand for online emotional and crisis support.

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