We are the IMAlive network
People caring about people

Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters; everyday people who want others to know that hope is real.

The IMAlive volunteers make a life changing commitment to respond to people in crisis with their time, talents and empathy. Before our volunteers begin responding they will complete approximately 20 hours of training, receive certification by a licensed clinician, and pledge to complete 200 hours of volunteer service within the first year.

Volunteers Of The Month

Every month we choose one Volunteer who goes above and beyond to provide empathic support to chat visitors in crisis. These IMAlive Team members have shown excellence in their online support skills, shift attendance and overall work with the Supervisors and Volunteers of IMAlive. Below are the recipients of our "IMAlive Volunteer of the Month" award.


For many people, the only thing holding them back from becoming an IMAlive volunteer responder is the cost of training and certification.

Donate to any of our registered IMAlive volunteers that show the "Support Me" badge and help them reach their goal to begin training.

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