“I’m looking for a rewarding online volunteer opportunity”

“I want to volunteer at a suicide hotline but can’t find a crisis center near me”

“I have a flexible work schedule but I still would like to make a difference”

Learn more about becoming an IMALIVE Volunteer!

IMALIVE provides a rewarding online volunteer opportunity, with a flexible schedule and valuable life saving skills. You can volunteer from anywhere, as long as you have a personal computer/laptop and a reliable broadband internet connection.

IMALIVE Volunteer applicants go through a background check, take a 10-hour online crisis intervention training video course, and at least 20 hours of practice chats with other volunteers and experienced IMALIVE Trainers. They also commit to volunteering 200 hours, upon completion of training, to provide emotional support and crisis intervention to people thinking about ending their lives and to help prevent suicide via IMALIVE online chat platform.

Not sure if you are ready? Read the Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering with IMALIVE.