Volunteer Your Time
It's what powers IMAlive

Through the power of the Internet and for the first time ever, people from all walks of life and from across across North America will be united and equipped to reach others who may be walking through the darkest moments of their lives. We are inviting you to be a part of IMAlive.

Before you take the first step of creating a volunteer application and potentially helping people at risk of suicide, it is important to make sure you are equipped, healthy, and in a position to give of yourself without hurting yourself in the process. That will ensure a longer duration of volunteer support and you remaining part of the solution. Becoming a volunteer requires a serious investment of time and has a financial cost associated. Volunteers can complete the training, certification and volunteer shifts from anywhere they have a reliable Internet service.


Create an IMAlive profile and go through initial registration steps.


Cover the cost of the background check ($20), training and certification ($250).

Training & Certification:

Complete 30 days of online training, practice chats, and a Certification of Competency.


Become an active IMAlive Volunteer Responder and provide support to people in crisis online.

Requirements to become an IMAlive volunteer

In order to become an IMAlive volunteer you must be able to answer YES to all of the following questions:

  1. Do you have a genuine desire and willingness to help people in crisis?
  2. Are you at least 18 years old?
  3. Do you have broadband Internet access and a personal computer for at least next 14 months?
  4. Are you willing to devote 30 days (about 10 hours a week for 4 weeks) to online training, practicing and an exam online?
  5. Are you willing to commit to providing online support 4 hours a week for one year (12 months)?

How Soon Can I Start My Volunteer Training?

Glad you asked! You can create a volunteer application online today! We will walk you through the online registration process, and review your volunteer application. There are several application steps that IMAlive volunteer applicants go through. To learn more, visit our FAQ page.

How Much Does The Training Cost?

There is a $250 cost associated with training to become a volunteer. This covers the cost of the online training course and certification, as well as an evaluation by a licensed clinician. If you would like more information about how others can sponsor you to become a volunteer click here.

Do I Need Prior Experience Or A Formal Education?

Although prior experience or a clinical education can be helpful, neither is required to become a volunteer. The IMAlive training gives volunteers the knowledge of risk factors, how to ask the difficult questions about suicide and how to lead someone through a suicide crisis.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about becoming a volunteer please visit our FAQ.

Ready to Volunteer?

As a Volunteer Responder, your willingness to listen and to be empathetic will send a message of hope, and the restoration of hope is one of the key elements in reducing immediate suicide risk.

Meet Our Volunteers

The IMAlive Network

Sarah S. from Texas
Member since May, 2015

Brice M. from Colorado
Member since June, 2015

Rachael S. from New York
Member since July, 2014

Alex B. from Colorado
Member since December, 2013

Adeline B. from Florida
Member since April, 2015

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