Board of Directors

Since 2010, Casey has worked to provide telecommunications and web infrastructure for the Hopeline Network at little or no cost. He is involved on a day to day basis as de facto CTO of Hopeline & IMAlive.

Casey is the President and CEO of Northwest Vox, an international telecommunications firm based in Everett, WA. He was born and raised in Lynnwood, WA – Just north of Seattle.

He is a survivor of two suicides in past five years, Brian Strom, his father, and Megan Whisenhunt, his sister in law, and has spent the majority of his personal time on a crusade to help the prevention effort. He is also a prominent figure in the Seattle LGBT community, and is working hard to raise prevention awareness through this channel.

On April 27th 2013, the Hope In Action award was granted to Casey in recognition of his contributions to KBHC for providing a cloud system that was the first blind routed peer-to-peer crisis counseling network, allowing callers and counsellors a fast and simple way to connect without the need for the overhead of a physical call center.