Alive! Mental Health Fair is a fun, interactive and educational suicide prevention program aimed at college students. Since 2010, the fair has visited over 145 colleges and universities. The onsite counselors and campus activity coordinators are amazed at how this event, like no other before, raises awareness, trains the students to recognize warning signs and helps start the conversation about mental illness and suicide prevention with the students.

If you are thinking of organizing a mental health fair at your campus, school, job place, community event, look no further – Alive! Mental Health Fair is the event for you. All you need to do is provide us with 4 tables (okay, maybe 6 tables) and a high traffic location.

Alive! Mental Health Fair includes several on-going and time-specific exhibits. Students are excited to visit four main exhibits or stations and to be entered into a raffle which includes flash drives, bluetooth speakers & headphones, t-shirts, college gear, and other prizes.

There are two interactive learning stations where students learn more about different mental illnesses and their symptoms and can see brain scans of each illness.

There are also two creative artistic stations where students can express their individuality and share their secrets, fears, concerns, as well as positive messages of hope. The hands-on Graffiti Art invites each student to create their own art expression on a large canvas. The canvas is pre-populated with a theme customized for each campus. The Share-A-Secret , where blank postcards are sent to each campus in advance of the fair’s arrival, invites students to write their secrets in advance and then come and look at their own and other secrets put on display at the fair.

We also offer the following educational documentaries to be screened during the fair:

A Reason To Live” depicts young suicidal adults grappling with life and death issues and how crisis intervention responders help them.

“Bullied” chronicles one student’s ordeal at the hands of bullies and offers an inspiring message of hope to those fighting harassment today.

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