Joseph  C.

Joseph C.

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Why I Am an IMAlive Volunteer

My name is Joseph. I would like to become an IMAlive Volunteer Responder because I personally have been a victim of a close family member taking her own life.

My Mother took her own life in 2013 after many, many years of battling severe depression, anxiety and alcoholism.

The pain that losing my mother has caused a lot of trauma on not just myself, but on my family as well. I also have been since living with my own depression because of the loss.

I refuse to give up on life and would like everyone to feel the same way and will do anything in my personal power to help those having these thoughts and feelings get the help they need.

Joseph C.'s Supporters:

$ 50 on November 03, 2016 by Vicki McHenry

it's a great thing ur tryin to do. love ya dude