Ashley H.

Ashley H.


Why I Am an IMAlive Volunteer

A recent presentation I attended by Kevin Hines about surviving suicide and living mentally well described saving a single life as saving the world. I can’t forget this because it has been my mantra since high school that I was going to “save the world”. I first planned to do this through politics, then through law. Now as a college senior on my way to a bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience and a minor in gender studies, I have a solid foundation to save the world on.

Through my two year position on campus as a resident assistant I have gone through various training sessions on suicide prevention, conflict mediation, and bystander intervention training. I found the suicide prevention through safeTALK the most inspiring because it was the first training I ever received that empowered me to help save someone’s life. It also came at a time when I began to realize I wanted to practice clinical psychology so my interest was above and beyond my peers. Since then I have voluntarily attended follow up sessions for safeTALK and was the reason many on my staff team attended “green dot” bystander intervention training this fall. Once I learned that there were ways I could become trained and more educated about suicide, I have taken every opportunity.

Long story short, I want to save the world one person at a time.

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$ 45 on December 17, 2012

The work that you do is so urgently needed...Feeling very priviledged and grateful to be collaborating in this so meaningful venture. You are a new breed of young adults giving hope for humanity.

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