Jennifer M.

Jennifer M.

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Why I Am an IMAlive Volunteer

I want to become an IMAlive Volunteer Responder. Someone is always listening, and I want to be that person. I know first-hand how monumental personal validation and compassion can be in the most emotionally distressing situations. The scary truth is suicidal thoughts are a universal human experience that transcends race, sexual orientation, country of origin, intelligence, economic status, and even life experiences. Any person can fall prey to these dangerous thought patterns. I hope to gain some insight on how to approach crisis situations and positively impact those in great need. My desire to have a positive impact on those who seek out help combined with my natural gift of empathy will make me a great asset to the IMAlive team. Throughout my experience, I envision developing a greater appreciation for the amazing gifts, luxuries, and privileges in my own life.

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$ 50 on March 14, 2017 by Kari Carpenter