Rachel B.

Rachel B.

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Why I Am an IMAlive Volunteer

5 years ago my older sister passed away. I was pretty young, and it was hard. Hard doesn't at all fit to describe the change that happened when this day fell upon my families life. But no word can describe a heartbreak loss. My father and my mother lost their baby girl and seeing tears from the ones you love most is really difficult...But life goes on and I'm stronger, wiser and I wouldn't be me without her, she is still with me I just can't get the hug I so physically miss... Kindness no matter how small can make a person happier than you know. Please don't be a person that lacks compassion, that judges... I hope to become an IMAlive Voulnteer Responder, to be there as voice who understands. To listen, with a person at a moment of time when they may be desperately needing it the most. I want to do my absolute best to make sure each person in crisis knows just HOW SPECIAL they are. With empathy, compassion and love... We can ALL be saved.

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GO FUND ME HEIDI DONATED TO ME! thank you so much <3

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You will be wonderful at this!

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